Monday, May 2, 2011


So this short I'll round it out to slow torture, but awesome!

Wednesday night...
(I was trying to focus on something beyond the camera and take the photograph at the
same time. The other ones just made me look crazy. I saw two of everything, and here I was focusing
on only one of the images, the muscle impairment is worse in that left eye.)

Saturday Afternoon...

(We went on a picnic and it was green, warm, and beautiful. The company couldn't have been better either. It was so much fun being with Jake, Becky, Ella and Eva.)

Saturday afternoon... later...

(We went to the air and space museum, and Dad was like a little kid on Christmas. He took a picture of every plane twice. It was a lot of fun, but really tiring on my poor eye, the prescription in these glasses isn't exactly up to par.)

Saturday evening...
We went on a drive-by through Washington, DC... and it was the agonizingly painful part of my weekend. If you focus really hard you might be able to see the whites of my eyes... NOT. We stopped to see the Lincoln Memorial, but that was about all that I really saw.

Sunday Morning...

(It may look like we're ganging up on her, but that's definitely not the case. Ella can definitely move faster than my eyes could follow.

Sunday night... after we'd made it back home.
Em took the pictures and it took a lot of effort to keep my eyes open this wide for more than a few seconds. I had to put some hideous goop in my eyes for the whole weekend, and it got everywhere.... and it turns out my skin was also mildly allergic to the ointment.
--But hey, now I see ONE of everything, and the pain and swelling is slowly starting to fade.

Thank you everybody for your prayers. It really made the difference.